Thank you for the kind comments on Friday’s post. There is more to the story that I’m planning to share soon.

Anyway, let’s talk workouts. This is coming a little late because of a busy but wonderful family-filled weekend.

Monday 5/8-Jazzercise (as a student)

I scheduled an online final for the afternoon and knew I’d be spending all day studying. I decided to start my day off with some movement and headed to the Jazzercise center.

Tuesday 5/9-Rest

Wednesday 5/10-Jazzercise

My last class before the schedule change! I love seeing different faces when I teach at different times but I’m sad to leave this group. They just laughed with me when “finals brain” made me make some dumb mistakes.

Thursday 5/11-Rest

Friday 5/12-Barre3 Video

It was too hot to run or go to Jazzercise (the center gets really hot in the afternoon when it’s warm out and I have to be careful to not overheat right now), so I decided to do a Barre3 video. I was really struggling with motivation and only did a 30 minute video but something is better than nothing, right?

Saturday 5/13-Jazzercise

I threw together a new set and didn’t love it. That’s okay though because the new DVD is on its way-new routines, here I come!

Sunday 5/14-Rest

I spent the night in Denver with my mom and while we planned to run in the morning, unfortunately the timing didn’t work out (haha-no pun intended!).

I’m looking forward to more flexibility this week and hopefully being able to get back to 5 workouts a week.

Weekly Workout Recap 5/8-5/14

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  • May 15, 2017 at 5:10 pm

    I LOVED Saturday’s set!!!


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