Almost done-I just have to finish this week and I’ll finally be done with this semester! I’ll be spending all day studying for my toughest final but am hoping to make it to Jazzercise first.


Tuesday-Practice 5k at Girls on the Run

I did 3 miles with our team as our practice 5k. It took us somewhere between 45 minutes to an hour but I’m proud of all the girls for finishing.


Same set as last week


Friday-60 Minute Barre3 Video

I’m really enjoying the flexibility of online workouts. Friday afternoon I finished a final too late to make it to Jazzercise and it was too hot to run. I like fitness classes much more than creating my own workout, so it was nice to just head to the basement and start a video. This one was a major leg killer!

During the month of May, there’s a B3 Strong Challenge where you can get a discount code for the store if you do a certain number of classes; I probably won’t buy anything but I’ll use it as motivation to do 10 classes. B3 Strong Challenge: 1/10

Saturday-Jazzercise & Strength45

I did the same old strength set as last week with just a few changes and it was still killer. On the last song, I asked my class “does everything hurt?” and we all agreed that yes, everything hurt.

Sunday-Walk, Run, Stretch

Sunday was a little bit of everything. I planned to go for a 3 mile run but as I was getting ready, Bailey followed me around with puppy dog eyes. I’m not running with her right now but she looked so hopeful, I decided to take her for a walk first. Then I dropped her off and finished with a quick (as in short, not fast) 1.5 mile run.

I finished with a 10 minute Barre3 stretching video. My legs were really talking to me after barre, Jazzercise, and running, so it felt amazing to stretch. B3 Strong Challenge: 2/10

Alright, wish me luck! 2 finals and 1 paper to edit and I’m free. At least until summer classes start. I’ll be back next week with some school and life updates.

Weekly Workout Recap 5/1-5/7

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