I missed recapping last week but my workouts have been so lacking lately, there’s not much to recap.

Monday 4/3-Rest

Tuesday 4/4-Jazzercise

I took a class as a student and enjoyed the chance to just move and not think.

Wednesday 4/5-Jazzercise

My format for this week was Strike, where all the cardio routines have a kickboxing component. It isn’t my favorite format but I did manage to put together a set I enjoyed.

Thursday 4/6-Rest

Friday 4/7-Jazzercise

A regular customer told me she had her highest ever calorie burn during this class and that comment made me feel pretty good for the rest of the day.

Saturday 4/8-Jazzercise & Strength45

I don’t know why but my strength set just missed the mark. It didn’t feel very tough or enjoyable.

Sunday 4/9-Hiking

My friend Faire and I decided to make good on our promise to take more breaks from homework and hike instead. We chose Maxwell Open Space because it’s flatter and neither of us felt like an intense hike. Since it wasn’t a difficult hike, I brought Bailey along.

Even though it was great to be outside, I won’t go back to this trail. It was narrow and crowded, meaning we spent the entire time watching for runners and bikers approaching from both directions and stepping to the side of the trail to let them pass. It wasn’t exactly relaxing.

We finished the morning by stopping at a coffee shop near campus that allows dogs and then going for a walk around campus. I think Bailey liked that part more because she had a little more freedom to sniff around.


Her favorite though was the Puppiccino we picked up on the way home.

Monday 4/10-Rest

Tuesday 4/11-Rest

Wednesday 4/12-Jazzercise

Thursday 4/13-Rest

Friday 4/14-3 mile run

I had to sub my Jazzercise class out and instead woke up early to go for a run.


Three slow, foggy miles. It felt good to run again.

Saturday 4/15-Jazzercise & Strength45

I don’t know what is going on but my strength set didn’t do it for me again.

Sunday 4/16-Rest

I convinced Ryan to take the dogs for a walk with me to enjoy the beautiful weather and celebrate Easter. Benji made it around the block before we dropped him off and went another mile or so with Bailey.

Right now my focus is to make it to the middle of May and then I’ll be able to do more with my workouts again.

Weekly Workout Recap 4/3-4/16

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