Happy May Day! Another week down, less than two to go.




Considering I had no time on Tuesday to put a learn and practice a set, I quickly threw together a set of my favorite routines that I can do without practicing. Sometimes those end up being my favorite sets. I did Turn Around (5, 4, 3, 2, 1) from about six years ago and my class was excited when it came on.

Thursday-Jazzercise (as a student)

I had Girls on the Run until 5 (more like 5:15 by the time all the girls get picked up) and a Jazzercise meeting at 7. It had already been a long day and I knew if I went home, chances of me leaving again were slim. So I decided to take the 5:45 Jazzercise class and enjoyed dancing in the back and not thinking.


Saturday-Jazzercise & Strength45

I did the same as last week and pulled an old Strength45 set. It was a good one again.

Sunday-Barre3 Video

I’m actually really excited about this. I’ve been in a workout rut lately and am pretty limited on what I can do right now. I’ve wanted to try barre for awhile but there’s no classes around me. So when I found Barre3 offers online classes, I decided to give their basic package ($20 a month) a try; I enjoyed the one video I’ve done so far. It felt like intense yoga and my legs were definitely shaking on parts. It was great yesterday because I know without it, I wouldn’t have worked out at all. I’m looking forward to trying more videos (if you’re interested in trying it, let me know! If I refer you, we both get a discount).

Once school is done, I’m looking forward to running more (as long as the weather cooperates-we got hit with a snowstorm this weekend) and hopefully doing some races.


Weekly Workout Recap 4/24-4/30

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