Good morning all!

I’ve started staying awake after feeding Chase in the morning (usually somewhere between 5 and 5:45) to have a few minutes to myself and it’s been fantastic. Mama needs some time to herself too!

Anyway, just wanted to quickly pop in and share my workouts last week. School is taking  up a good chunk of my time so the blog isn’t getting as much love as it was. Priorities right? But I did manage a good week of workouts last week. I’ve been better at handing Chase to Ryan when he gets home and making sure I get my workout in.

I’m still loving my postpartum subscription from Good for the Swole. The workouts are short, maybe around 20 minutes, which helps a lot to make sure I get a workout in. All the workouts I mention below are from this subscription; I’m just going to link it once here.

My WeekinWorkouts

Monday 2/5- Leg Circuit 

Tuesday 2/6- Full Body Circuit

Wednesday 2/7-Off

Thursday 2/8-Jazzercise

Almost all high impact!

Friday 2/9-Core Workout

This workout didn’t come from the subscription but from Good for the Swole’s Instagram. You can find it here.

Saturday 2/10-Off

Not feeling well meant an unplanned rest day.

Sunday 2/11- Leg Circuit and Core Work

Since I missed Saturday, I did a full workout as written and then took a few exercises from the workout I missed and made my own.

I can hear Chase waking up which is why this is super short. His morning smiles are my favorite, so I’m off. Have a great Monday!


Weekly Workout Recap 2/5-2/11

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