So it’s after 11 and I’m just now writing my post for today. Chase and I are still in our pajamas, the laundry from Saturday still hasn’t been put away (that’s the one household  thing that drives me crazy), and I have a page-long to do list for school this week. This mom/student thing is no joke! But Chase is snoozing in my lap and my coffee hasn’t kicked in enough for schoolwork, so I thought I’d quickly check in with you all and talk about my workouts last week.

My WeekinWorkouts

Monday 1/29: Post Baby Bod full body workout & walk


I did a strength workout that included both upper and lower body followed by a walk with Chase. For some reason, my Charity Miles app didn’t record it so I’m not sure how far we went. Chase was in the stroller; I snapped the pic with him once we got home. Isn’t his monster hoodie adorable?!

Tuesday-Thursday 1/30-2/1: Off

Friday 2/2: Quick strength workout from PBB & pelvic floor exercises


The PBB workout was supposed to be done while on a walk with the stroller but it’s too cold to do anything like that right now so I just did the exercises at home. Then I did this video from Good for the Swole that she called pelvic floor exercises and was a fantastic core workout.


Two things: One, above is how my workout turned out. I need to follow my own advice for working out at home but Bailey gets so sad when I shut her out. Two, Good for the Swole just launched a pregnancy/postpartum workout subscription that I’m super excited about-5 workouts a week for only $12 a month! Truthfully I wish it had come out before I purchased my other postpartum workout but oh well. At least now I’ll have a lot of options to pick from.

Saturday 2/3: Jazzercise and walk

I took a packed Dance Mixx class and then convinced Ryan to join Chase, Bailey, and me on a 30 minute walk while it was still nice out.

Sunday 2/4: Jazzercise

This is the big news from the week-I taught my first Jazzercise class in several months! A last minute sub request came out that no one else could cover, so Sunday afternoon found me frantically putting a set together. I was nervous but successfully taught a Flip Fusion class to a wonderful group of ladies. It felt great to be back on stage and I’m hoping I’ll be able to teach again soon (it all depends on sub requests).

Well Chase is waking up and we should probably get started on our day (that means no proofreading so sorry if there’s goofs). Happy Monday!

What was your best workout last week? 

Weekly Workout Recap 1/29-2/4

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