Happy Monday friends! Ryan says he’s not sure he’s going to make it through the week because it’s been so long since he worked five days in a row. Anyone else feeling the same way after the holidays?

Before we dive into this week’s workouts, I want to take a minute to explain why I share a workout recap each week.

One is for selfish reasons. Writing down and sharing my workouts keeps me accountable and motivated. If you’re ever struggling to get moving, keep track of your workouts for a week; there’s nothing like seeing “rest day” written down three days in a row to get you in gear.

The second reason I share them is related to why I have this blog at all: to show that healthy living doesn’t have to be complicated or make you miserable. Maybe you’re hesitant to start exercising because you dread the idea of running or think the elliptical is boring. Maybe you’re discouraged because you see people on social media doing two or three workouts a day and you don’t have time for that. There’s not just one way to exercise. I strive to find balance and enjoyment in my workouts, and I hope this inspires you to find what’s right for you.

Anyway, moving on to the actual workouts.

My WeekinWorkouts

Monday 1/1- Jazzercise


New Year’s Day found me back on stage! It was just for two songs but still a lot of fun. We had a packed class and nine instructors teaching at our NOON Year’s class.

Tuesday 1/2- Jazzercise

I made it back to Jazzercise for a fun Dance Mixx class. I’m still doing primarily low impact but tried a couple of high impact moves. Mostly it felt good to dance.

Wednesday 1/3- 4 mile walk  


I needed to clear my head so I packed Chase up in the stroller for a long walk. He was a champ and slept pretty much the whole time. There’s nothing like being outside to give you time to think and my mood was much better by the time we got home. I’m craving a good run now.

Thursday 1/4- Rest day

Friday 1/5- Jazzercise

The instructor named this Flip Fusion class “Shake Yo’ Hips and Shape Yo’ Muscles” and that’s exactly what we did. Flip Fusion is mostly strength routines with a few cardio bursts. It’s designed to mix up your heart rate so I wasn’t able to do it while pregnant. It felt great to do intervals again with decent strength training and I left drenched in sweat.

Saturday 1/6- Postpartum recovery exercises

I kept it simple with some hip raises and pelvic tilts.

Sunday 1/7- 1.2 mile walk and Strength training

Bailey is too much to handle with the stroller so whenever the weather is nice during the weekend, I jump at the chance to take her out alone. Once home, I completed a quick upper body routine of bicep curls, hammer curls, overhead presses, bent over rows, overhead triceps, and tricep dips. Actually I didn’t quite complete it; I meant to do three rounds but ended at two when Chase was done playing on his activity mat.

I’ll say it-working out with a baby is HARD. Other mamas who work out, I admire you. I’m hoping Chase and I will get into more of a routine soon and I’ll be able to fit in more workouts during nap time and mat time. Leaving him to take a Jazzercise class is tough but I know it’s important to carve out me-time and take care of myself.

Questions of the Day

Do you keep track of your workouts using a journal or app? 

Mamas, how do you balance working out and caring for your kiddos?

Weekly Workout Recap 1/1-1/7
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