Hi all! Thank you for the kind words and messages after Tuesday’s post 💕

I meant to write this post for Wednesday but that obviously didn’t happen, so I’m checking in with you today. Let’s jump in and talk about this week.

  • At my last appointment, the doctor advised me to take it easy for these last couple weeks of pregnancy and the last Jazzercise class I went to didn’t feel entirely comfortable (lots of pressure down low), so I think I’m calling it for now. 154 classes for the year-not too shabby! I’m hoping to be back in January but until then I’m looking forward to lots of walks with Bailey and the baby.


  • Lately I feel like I’ve just shared negative and sad posts, one after another, on here. But I try to keep this blog as real and honest as possible and sometimes that’s life, right? We had the dogs at the vet earlier this week for annual exams and shots. It turns out a bump I noticed on Benji a few months ago is cancerous. Tomorrow he’s going to have some more tests done to see if it’s spread (fingers crossed that it hasn’t) and then surgery to have the tumor removed. Prayers are much appreciated, especially as this timing is not ideal with the baby due so soon.
  • All I have left for the semester are 5 assignments and most of them shouldn’t be difficult to finish soon. One class is completely done and all I have to do for one other is record a presentation. I keep putting that one off, as my camera aversion is still going strong. Ironically the project that’s going to take me the longest is writing a blog post for my tech-based health promotion class.


  • Did anyone else see a bunch of articles like this leading up to Halloween about how much exercise it takes to burn off candy? Let me go on a quick, little rant because I HATE articles like this. It’s fine to encourage people to eat candy mindfully and remind them that eating an entire bag of Reese’s pumpkins isn’t the healthiest choice (um, guilty) but thinking that you have to “burn off” or “earn” your treats can lead to an awful relationship with food and exercise. Exercise is not a punishment and it shouldn’t be done in reaction to food choices. Eating candy doesn’t make you a bad person and you don’t have to make up for it. Enjoy your workouts, enjoy your occasional treats, and live your life in balance and moderation without guilt. And yes, I ate this candy after taking the picture.


  • Speaking of food, have you ever eaten a date before? I’ll be perfectly honest, aside from Larabars, I never had before last week. Ever since reading this study on dates and labor (yay for evidence-based information and a randomized control trial!), I’ve been trying to eat some every day. They’re pretty tasty with peanut butter or as a Larabara with peanut butter and a chocolate Kiss for dessert.
  •  I treated myself to a 90-minute prenatal massage yesterday and it was amazing. I signed up for a membership at MassageEnvy during the spring when I was super stressed with school and it’s been fantastic to get a massage every month of pregnancy.

That’s all I have for right now. I’m planning to be back tomorrow with a recap of my 37th week of pregnancy but it will probably be a little later than usual; we have a doctor’s appointment in the morning and I want to be able to give you the latest. Take care!

Questions of the Day

What’s something happening in your week?

Has anyone had experience with an older dog and surgery? Benji’s eleven and the vet says he’ll be fine but it makes me nervous.

Weekly Randomness

2 thoughts on “Weekly Randomness

  • November 2, 2017 at 12:42 pm

    I’ll be anxiously awaiting to hear how to goes for your puppy. Those fur babies of ours is family so I know how stressed you both must be.
    I am glad you got your fit shirt! 💪🏼
    We will all miss you at the center but we look forward to seeing you back in January…

    • November 2, 2017 at 2:35 pm

      Thanks Sara 🙂 It’s going to be hard to stay away for that long!


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