Hi all! I know I haven’t been posting very consistently so I thought I’d pop in today with some randomness from the week.

  1. The start of the semester has been extremely stressful. I explained the classes I’m taking here but unfortunately quickly ran into some problems. My Health Systems, Management, and Policy class came with a very rigid schedule and a very unsympathetic professor. None of the materials were available early (not even the readings; everything opened the week it was due) and the syllabus stated no fewer than 4 times “Do NOT email me and ask for material to be opened early or for assignments to be accepted late”. In other words, this was not the class for me to be taking now, knowing that the baby could surprise us early and I probably won’t be very on top of schoolwork once he’s here. So I needed to change classes but nearly everything was full and I was waitlisted. Long story short, at one point, I was enrolled in three extra classes, in addition to the HSMP class, and didn’t know what I would actually be taking. Fortunately I just found out that I got into my top choice and can start to plan all my assignments now.
  2. In happier, less serious news, it’s September. That means it’s the start of pumpkin season! Human Bean, one of my favorite places for coffee (it’s better than Starbucks), is doing its 7 Days of Pumpkin, meaning speciality fall drinks for only $2. So far I’ve enjoyed a pumpkin latte and a pumpkin mocha and am pathetically excited for the rest of this week.
  3. Speaking of coffee, Ryan and I are planning to buy a new fancy Keurig soon, sort of as a baby present to us. Ours is already on its last leg and I have a feeling we’ll both be using it a lot once Baby Boy is here. My mom graciously offered to sponsor our coffee need and treat us to a new one. She probably doesn’t want her grandson to have a cranky mom 😉 Any recommendations? We’re looking at one that does a carafe. 
  4. Jazzercise has an amazing sale going on right now! You can find more details here but basically you can sign up and go for all of September for less than the price of one drop-in class. If you’ve thought about trying it or are looking for a new workout, now’s the perfect time. But it’s only through September 10 so hurry!
  5. I have several blog posts I need to write. I definitely want to do a post on my ACE Health Coach certification and I’ve had several other ideas floating around my head. For some reason, I’m really struggling to find motivation right now. I’m hoping now that I have my school situation figured out, it will be easier for me to get into a routine and hopefully I’ll start blogging more.

So I think that’s it for the week. Nothing too excited but I figured I should check in.

How is your week going?

Weekly Randomness #3

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