I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it on here but we recently discovered some problems with our insurance. Long story short, the clinic we were going to and the hospital we were planning to deliver at are considered out-of-network on our plan and to avoid a huge hospital bill, we had to change providers.

I’m telling you this because changing clinics during the last month of pregnancy is really stressful. The doctors don’t know you or your situation. This is especially bad for someone like me with a blood pressure situation.

My first appointment with this new clinic last week went well; my blood pressure was pretty high at the first reading, which I was expecting, but after spending some time talking to the NP and listening to the baby’s heartbeat, the second reading was normal. Without going into too much detail, I’ll just say the appointment yesterday did not go smoothly. It was a frustrating situation, I felt stressed and not listened to, and my blood pressure skyrocketed in response.

They sent me to the hospital for further testing. I cried at this point because I was terrified I was too worked up for my blood pressure to come down and that they were going to force me to deliver the baby early, even though I knew the high readings were a reaction to the situation.

At the hospital, I was hooked up to a fetal monitor to measure the baby’s heartbeat, a monitor to measure my heartbeat, and a blood pressure cuff that automatically took readings every half hour or so. I stayed hooked up to the heart rate monitors for about an hour, the blood pressure cuff for around two hours, and had my blood drawn for labs.

I actually enjoyed the fetal monitor, where I got to watch and hear baby boy’s heartbeat for an hour. It ranged from 130-150 and the nurse said he was doing great. It was fun to feel him move and watch his heart rate (and sometimes after a big movement, mine too) go up at the same time. Once we could even hear him move through the monitor.

My blood pressures ranged from 135/75 to 120/63 and my labs came back normal; there was just one test that was little high but it’s been high before and not by a concerning amount. Finally we were able to leave, about four hours after the start of our original appointment. Thank goodness, too, because I was starving by that point.

So everything is fine. Trying to look at the positives of the situation, we met a doctor at the hospital who’s going to follow up with us at the clinic next week, so at least we’ll have some consistency and someone who knows my background now. Our experience at the hospital itself was good so that’s promising for when it’s time to have the baby.

However, I can’t help but feel frustrated at the whole situation that I felt was unnecessary. Of course I’ll do anything for the health and safety of the baby, which is why we went to the hospital, but if anything, it probably did more harm than good by causing me more stress. But the important thing is that both the baby and I are fine and, like Ryan pointed out, we should only have a few more appointments at this clinic.

Week 36: A Scary Appointment

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