Bumpie Friday: Weeks 26 & 27

I can’t believe the second trimester is done! I officially enter the third trimester tomorrow and am more than two-thirds of the way to meeting our baby boy.

Size: Last week the baby was the size of a scallion. This week he’s the size of a head of cauliflower, a bunch (not just one) of bananas, or lettuce. He weighs around 2 pounds and measures about 14 1/2 inches long (that makes more sense to me than the produce comparisons)

Feeling: Still pretty good. No major aches or pains or heartburn (knock on wood). I’ve had some trouble sleeping and am usually up for an hour or so in the middle of the night; I think it’s when he’s most active. I had that same slight pain in my side that I mentioned Monday again during Jazzercise but I think it’s just from my belly being so big.

Baby Gear: Well…I discovered a Carter’s near our house. And then an outlet near the doctor’s office. Let’s just say Baby Boy got a lot of clothes these past couple weeks.

Ryan finished painting the nursery and is working on putting the crib together now. The family I work for generously gave us a crib mattress and I’m excited to get the room set up.

I also finished our registries but have a feeling there’s a lot I missed. How am I supposed to know what a baby needs?!

Someone from Jazzercise kindly gave me some of her old maternity clothes. Since I don’t have a lot going on right aka many reasons to leave the house, I’m trying to avoid spending money on clothes for me, so her gesture was very appreciated. Target has a sale on maternity clothes going on, so I also got a top, another pair of workout capris, and a dress for some events coming up all for $30. Score!

Doctor’s Appointment: My blood pressure is still high. I don’t get it and honestly I don’t think my doctor does either. She said to plan on being induced around 38 weeks. I’m trying to stay positive and be glad that means we get to meet our baby two weeks early.

The glucose test wasn’t terrible but wasn’t pleasant either. You would think something with 50 grams of sugar would be tasty but you’d be wrong. The doctor said no news is good news and I haven’t heard anything, so I’m assuming I passed.



The girls I nanny threw me a little baby shower on my last day. The almost 5 year old helped her grandma pick out the gifts and the 9 year old wrapped them all by herself. It was the sweetest thing. I’m looking forward to seeing their faces the first time they get to meet the little guy.

What baby gear could you not live without? Anything you registered for and ended up never using? 

Summer and Fall 2017 Semesters

I finished my last summer class last Friday and start my fall classes on Monday. I’m slowly but surely chipping away at my requirements and making progress towards my degree.

This summer, I did 5 credits: a 3-credit Biostatistics course that’s a core requirement and a 2-credit independent study. The Biostats class was online and the independent study was obviously on my own, meaning I was able to work from home for both of them.


Biostats was tough but I finished with an A. I did my best not to stress about it though; sometimes I was more successful than others. Anyway, it’s one class I’m glad to have out of the way!

For my independent study, I completed the ACE Health Coach certification. I’m planning do a separate post later about the certification, in case anyone is interested in being certified. In addition to studying and passing the test, I also completed practice counseling sessions with my faculty advisor that were very helpful. I earned an A, two credits towards my degree, a new skill, and an actual certification.

This fall I’m planning to take another 5 credits: Introduction to Health Systems, Management, & Policy (3 credits, a core requirement), Maternal Nutrition (1 credit), and Nutrition & Public Health (1 credit). All these classes are online and I’m really hoping my teachers will let me work ahead at my own pace. Ideally I’d like to be done by the beginning of November but it will depend on the teachers and assignments.

I’m still planning to graduate at the end of next year and am hoping the rest of my classes will fall in place. Right now, I’m feeling very grateful for online classes that will allow me to continue working towards my degree, even while very pregnant and with a new baby.

Have you ever taken online classes? What did you think? People seem to either love them or hate them. I love them! 

Weekly Randomness #2

I actually enjoyed writing my Randomness from the Week post last week, which was a pleasant surprise because I’m struggling to find the motivation to write at all right now. I liked giving you a peek into my week and to write whatever was on my mind; so I’m going to do it again this week.

1. This week is strange. There’s no other way to put it. I’m not working, the baby isn’t here yet (obviously), and my classes haven’t started. I’ve found myself sitting in a chair, zoning out because I don’t know what to do with myself. I know, I know-enjoy it because once the baby’s here, I won’t have any time to myself.


2. I mentioned on Monday that my friend recently returned from Switzerland. Being the awesome friend that she is, she brought me back Swiss chocolate. I shared a little with her and a little with Ryan but mostly I’ve kept it all for myself. Yum!

3. I’m not sure if the nesting instinct has kicked in or what but we’ve been working on putting our house together a bit more. I’ve wanted to frame our wedding invitations since we got married and I finally did. We also got new couches (a couch and a love seat for extra seating-we’re growing up!) and a glider that will be great for nursing and rocking the baby. I’ve been doing my best to keep the new furniture clean of dog hair, an endless battle as you can tell from above.

I also really want a new coffee table and a rug because the glass table and hardwood floors we have now aren’t exactly baby-friendly but those will have to wait. Maybe Christmas? Hint, hint 😉 I’m loving making our house even more a home, although I’m hoping I’ll get the urge to clean soon instead of just spend money.

4. In sad news, my parents’ dog passed away a few nights ago. She was the sweetest dog. Bailey and especially Benji, who’s actually older than she was, have been getting extra cuddles and love.

Benji rockin’ his glasses
Bailey knocked them after off a nanosecond 

5. Did you watch the eclipse on Monday? My hometown was actually in the path of totality. I debated about going to my parents’ to watch but decided traffic wasn’t worth it. Ryan and I watched it from our house; we got about 95% coverage-the temperature dropped but it didn’t really get dark. Still pretty cool!

I think that about covers this week. Like I said, I like doing these posts so I think they’ll be a more common thing. Maybe not weekly because some weeks might be boring but we’ll see!

Tell me something from your week! 

Could you see the eclipse from where you’re at? 

Fitness in a Week 8/14-8/20

Hello again! Is everyone ready for the eclipse today? We’re supposed to have about 95% coverage here in northern Colorado. Should be pretty cool to see! Don’t worry, I’ve got my glasses.

Sorry for disappearing again at the end of next week. No good excuse really, I just didn’t blog. But I’m back now with last week’s workouts.

Monday 8/14-Rest

Tuesday 8/15-Jazzercise

This was the Strike class I mentioned last week. It felt so good after a frustrating day!

Wednesday 8/16-Pregnancy workout

It was too hot for Jazzercise or to walk but I still wanted to do something. Awhile ago one of my favorite bloggers, Hungry Runner Girl, shared Good for the Swole’s Instagram page  full of pregnancy-safe workouts. I haven’t been doing any strength training other than Jazzercise lately (and I dropped my weights way down), so this low-impact workout sounded great. I had to modify a few things but otherwise enjoyed doing a bit of strengthening. I think I might try to incorporate similar workouts maybe once a week now.

Thursday 8/17-Rest

Friday 8/18-1.57 mile walk

I took Bailey out for a quick walk before my doctor’s appointment.

Saturday 8/19-Jazzercise

This was the first class I felt a little uncomfortable. I had a small pain in my side. It went away after a few songs though, so I’m not really sure what it was.

Sunday 8/20-3ish mile walk

My good friend from grad school is back from her internship in Geneva so we walked while catching up. I forgot to start Charity Miles and then forgot to turn it off (pretty good huh?) but I think we walked somewhere around 3 miles, maybe a little more. I’m happy to report no pain or uncomfortableness, other than getting winded really fast when going up hills.

This week is probably the last week ever where I’ll have nothing to do (summer classes are done, fall classes don’t start till next week, and the girls I watch are back in school) so I’m looking forward to lots of walks and Jazzercise. I’m currently at class 77 out of 100. 23 classes and 8 weeks to go (to be done at 35 weeks; anything after will be bonus)!

Randomness from the Week

I kind of felt like writing but kind of didn’t, so I’m just checking in with some random things from this week.

1. My blogging motivation seems to come and go in waves. Some weeks I love writing and have lots to say; other weeks I couldn’t care less if I post. I go back and forth between wanting to grow my blog and feeling silly that I have a blog at all. This week is definitely the latter.


2. This biostats final is kicking my butt. It’s a third of our grade and much more difficult than any of our homework assignments. So I’m dealing with it by not doing it.


3. Nutrition is going a little better this week but still not great. I’ve been making peanut butter, banana, kale, and cauliflower smoothies to get some extra veggies in. They don’t taste bad but my smoothies always turn out sludge green or nasty brown. Are all those green smoothie Pinterest images a lie?

4. Still speaking of nutrition, my third trimester glucose test is on Friday and I’m nervous for it. Fingers crossed for good results. Is it bad if I calm my nerves with ice cream?

5. We’re (well Ryan is) almost done painting the nursery! We already have a crib, mattress, and dresser and I’m excited to put it all together. It’s starting to feel more real.

6. Tomorrow is my last day of work because the girls go back to school next week. I’m going to miss them but I’m also looking forward to just watching Netflix for a couple of days. Then fall classes start.

7. I’m helping lead an activity at new student orientation today and I’m feeling very old and pregnant. Thankfully it’s only an hour and then I can return home to the couch work on my biostats final.

8. I’ve been a touch hormonal (maaaaybe more than a touch) lately and took a Strike class last night. It was exactly what I needed.

I think that’s all the randomness I have. Hope you have a great Wednesday!

What’s something going on in your week? 

Fitness in a Week 8/7-8/13

Hey guys! I’m writing this on Sunday and I am CRANKY! Working on a Biostats final all day is no fun. So just I’m just checking in quickly before I go crash on the couch with some ice cream.

There’s not much to recap from last week anyway. It was a busy week and I was tired a lot. There are times to push through and other times, like now for me, it’s more important to rest.

Monday 8/7-Jazzercise

It was nice and cool on Monday so I could actually go to the 4:30 class. We did a couple new strength routines but both were done flat on the back. Since I can’t lay on my back, I did my own standing variation and can’t say much about the actual choreography. They looked like good routines though!

Tuesday 8/8-Rest

It was cool again in the afternoon and I was planning to take an afternoon class. But once I got home from work, I was exhausted and decided to rest instead.

Wednesday 8/9-Rest

Thursday 8/10-Jazzercise

My only day off this week, so I took advantage and went to a morning class. Yay for new routines! I got my DVD a few weeks ago and have been so looking forward to doing routines in class. I liked most of them, especially Castle on the Hill, but was disappointed in Despacito.

Friday 8/11-2 mile walk

The youngest girl I watch learned to ride a bike! That meant we had to go on a bike ride. Well, two girls rode their bikes, one rollerbladed, and I walked behind them, shouting for them to not get too far ahead because I move pretty slow right now.

Saturday 8/12-Jazzercise

More new routines, including Work. I so wish I could do high-impact for that routine-it looks fun!

Sunday 8/13-Rest

Maybe if I had gone for a walk, I wouldn’t be so grumpy. Hmm….

It’s another busy week but my last one working. After this, I should be able to get in some kind of activity every day, as long as I’m not feeling too tired. I’m 75 out of 100 classes for my Jazzercise challenge so good progress there!

Now the couch is calling and I must go. Have a great Monday!

Jazzercisers-what do you think of the new routines? Any favorites so far?

Non-Jazzercisers-try a class 😉 What was your best workout this week? 

Bumpie Friday: Weeks 24 & 25

Checking in for another pregnancy update! I missed last week but truthfully the weeks are starting to blend together. I debated about posting today because there’s not much to update but I really don’t want to work on my Biostats final so let’s do it.


I wanted a picture of my new outie belly button so my week 25 pic is just in a sports bra. Meaning it’s not going to be posted on the internet #sorrynotsorry

Size: Week 24-Ear of corn and apparently I don’t know how to go back a week in my other apps

Week 25-Rutabaga, Cabbage, Cauliflower

Feeling: Huge! I’m obviously pregnant now and I feel like my tummy sticks out further every day. My new bigger clothes are already feeling tight and I’m a little nervous that I still have a whole trimester to go. Otherwise, I’m still feeling pretty good. I have achy feet if I’m on them very much and a little uncomfortableness after walking the other day but no major complaints.

Loving: I still have to say feeling him move. He moves a lot now! And I may be guilty of eating spicy food if I haven’t felt him much… It’s really the coolest feeling though and one I’m trying to make a point of embracing because I know it’s something that’s pretty much once or twice in a lifetime (depending on how many kids we end up having). The other night he was really squirmy and Ryan got to feel him more than he has before. I love when he [Ryan] can feel and we can share it together.

Purchases: We decided on a paint color for the nursery and Ryan has started prepping the room. I think his plan is to paint this weekend. I’ll be sure to share pictures when it’s all done! Otherwise, no purchases but I did work quite a bit on our registries. I’m sure there’s so much more that we need but it’s a good start. Or I registered for way too much or all the wrong stuff. Who knows? Baby stuff is overwhelming!

Other: We had our breastfeeding class last weekend. It was three hours and there was only one other girl there but lots of good information. I feel better about it now except the answer about breastfeeding after being induced for labor kind of freaked me out. Does anyone have any encouraging words about being induced and breastfeeding? It’s pretty likely that I’ll be induced and I’m worried about being able to feed him after he’s born.

Denver Burger Battle 2017

A fun fact about my dad: he’s a burger connoisseur. He has a (mental) list of all his favorite burgers and if a restaurant is lucky enough to make the list, we eat there a lot. A few years ago, my brother found the Denver Burger Battle, where you literally spend the night eating and judging burgers. This year we were fortunate enough to make it back.


Sixteen area restaurants cook up samples of their best burgers in hopes of being voted “Judge’s Choice” and “People’s Choice” at the end of the night. For the price of the ticket, it’s all you can eat burgers, desserts, and drinks (water for sure and I think beer; none of us drank).


This year they gave us those handy plates above at the entrance to carry all your food and drink. My dad and I had spent the afternoon looking at the competitors online and figuring out where the best tents were, so as soon as we got inside, we were off to find his favorites.

The Burger Battle has the best atmosphere. It was a gorgeous night, a great location, and everyone was polite. The lines moved quickly and it was never crowded. There were a couple games, like giant Jenga and corn hole, and a great 80’s cover band playing.

An example of one of the tents. Sorry random guy in the picture

Once we sampled several burgers, my moment came and we hit the dessert tables.

If you can’t tell, that’s a Colorado flag made out of doughnuts. Right above is my favorite burger of the night-it was basically made out of frosting!

We continued to sample burgers (and I may have hit the desserts a few more times) before deciding we were full and it was time to vote. There were kiosks set up where you could submit your vote for your top two burgers. It was a decision we didn’t take lightly and my dad and brother sampled their winners a couple more times, just to be sure.

My brother’s flags, my dad’s flags, and my flags from our burgers (usually about a fourth of a burger, not an entire one!). It should be noted, though, that their piles should be bigger and mine should be smaller. A lot of the burgers were pink inside and so I only took a bite from the edge (where it was cooked all the way) and gave the rest to them to finish.

Scott and the Hamburglar-clever!

We then found some chairs and settled in to listen to the band until the winners were announced. I don’t remember the judge’s winners but Stoic & Genuine and The Cherry Cricket were the winner and runner-up respectively for the people’s choice. Those were my dad’s top two and he was very proud of his burger rating skills.

Overall, it was a great night. The event is fun, the atmosphere is laid-back, and it was fantastic to spend time with my dad and brother. Hopefully we’ll be able to make it a tradition!


Thanks to my brother and dad for several of the pictures! 

Less Than Stellar Nutrition

I’m a big believer in moderation when it comes to food. I don’t believe in cheat days or “good” and “bad” foods. Everything can fit into a healthy lifestyle and when you’re somewhere special with family or friends, you should enjoy the moment, including food.

But…when cake, French fries, and chocolate muffins made up 95% of your diet for the past week, it might be a good time to take a minute and reevaluate your nutrition choices.

For my birthday, Ryan got me an ice cream cake from Cold Stone. It was delicious but big, meaning the two of us ate a lot of cake. Then the girls I nanny made me a birthday cake and were excited to share it with me. My dad, brother, and I enjoyed the Burger Battle (post to come soon) last week, indulging in burger, fries, and, especially in my case, dessert samples. The past weekend included going out with friends and running out of food at home, meaning fast food and chocolate muffins for meals.

Anyway, all that to tell you that my eating lately hasn’t been the most nutritious. There’s no feelings of shame or guilt (well, maybe a little guilt just because I haven’t been giving my baby boy the nutrients he needs but ordinarily there’s no guilt). There’s no sweeping declarations of changing my diet or “today’s the day I start eating healthier”; there’s no “getting back on track” because I was never off. Eating is part of life and constantly being “on” and “off” a diet does not seem enjoyable to me.

This week though I do want to focus on making more nutritious choices and indulging less. So my goals (remember how to set healthy goals?) for the rest of the week are:

  1. Eat a vegetable with lunch, dinner, and for a snack every day
  2. Limit sugary desserts to 2x a week (being realistic because I’m pregnant and really want that Triple Truffle Blizzard from Dairy Queen 😉 )
  3. Plan and make enough leftovers to have lunches and dinners for the weekend (instead of only planning for 5 days and running out of food like we usually do).

I’ve enjoyed all the food I’ve eaten lately but have definitely reached that point where I know I’ll feel better with more nutritious foods. Anyone else want to set some nutrition goals for the week with me?


Fitness in a Week: 7/31-8/6

Hey all! Sorry for the disappearing act at the end of last week. I spent Thursday afternoon and evening in Denver with my dad and brother for the Burger Battle (so much fun!) and Wednesday, well, I was just being lazy and didn’t write anything. But I’m back today with last week’s workouts.

Monday 7/31-Rest

Tuesday 8/1-Rest

Wednesday 8/2-Jazzercise

Thursday 8/3-Rest

We walked around a ton though. My dad and I explored CU Denver/MSU’s campus for a bit, then walked around (literally around the outside) the Burger Battle to scope out his favorite tents, and then walked around inside the event going to all the different tents.

Friday 8/4-Jazzercise

I showed up for class and surprise! No instructor showed up (due to a scheduling mistake, thankfully nothing serious). So I grabbed my phone (which I don’t usually use to teach), found the last set on there (which turned out to be from January), subbed in a couple routines I know better, and jumped on stage. I did all low-impact and only goofed a few times-pretty good for not reviewing at all! It was a fun class and I enjoyed being back on stage. However, I still think waiting to return to regular teaching until after the baby is here is the best choice.

Saturday 8/5-Rest

Sunday 8/6-Walk

1.44 miles with Bailey (yes that number drives me crazy) and 0.27 miles with Benji. The cooler weather felt amazing!

Not a super active week but it was hard with work and the heat. This week is supposed to be cooler, so I’m crossing my fingers I can make it to a couple afternoon Jazzercise classes. My staying fit during pregnancy challenge is still going strong (posting it on Instagram, however, is not). I’m at 72 out of 100 classes. Technically I have about 15 weeks until my due date but I’m going to try to finish by 35 weeks, meaning 28 classes in 10 weeks. Pretty sure I got this!

Hope everyone has a great Monday!