It seems like a long time ago that I set my goal of completing 100 Jazzercise classes while pregnant, which worked out to also be my 150th class for the year.

On Tuesday, I met my goal!


The instructor brought me flowers and balloons to celebrate, which was so sweet! I also earned my Fit Club shirt but my center is out of my size right now (I’m getting the smaller size so I can wear it after the baby is here) so I’ll be getting that later.

So what now? I’m planning to continue to go to class for as long as I can. For the most part, I feel better when I’m active and moving. I’m hoping I can Jazzercise until the baby makes his appearance and am crossing my fingers for a quick postpartum recovery. I can’t wait to be back on stage teaching!

And just for fun…

A picture from my 50th class, about 4 days before I found out I was pregnant, and a picture from class #149 on Sunday-check out that belly grow!

Jazzercise Pregnancy Challenge: Complete!

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