I have a post for you today from a very special guest-my mom! I wanted to put together a post with the best Jazzercise routines from 2017 but as I was looking through the songs, I realized there were several I hadn’t done or didn’t remember. When I realized I couldn’t write the post, my mom graciously stepped in.


She’s been an instructor for almost 6 years now (we first certified together back in April 2012) and has the reputation at her center of being a kick-butt instructor. I can attest to this, as her classes always leave me sore! I’ll turn it over to her now. Enjoy! 

The Best Routines of 2017

Since Kaci was sidelined for much of 2017 taking care of herself and Baby Chase, she asked me to review the routines I liked best from 2017. Looking back through the playlists of R1-17 through R4-17, I found I had 34 routines that I considered go-to routines. Since no one wants a blog that long, I went through and picked out my top picks for the year – routines that I will definitely do over and over.

One of the differences in my and Kaci’s teaching styles, is that I love to sing with my class. I can’t necessarily carry a tune but that doesn’t stop me for belting out the tunes.  So sometimes my favorite routines are based on the song and interactions my class and I have. However, I am known as a bit of a tough instructor, so sometimes my choices are based on how hard the routine makes us work and if it keeps my heart rate up. And of course, the fun element always plays a part in determining a good routine.

Cardio routines that my classes and I enjoyed include:

Already All Ready: This upbeat routine has great lower body and core work highlighted by hip rolls – a unique move that was so fun. We like to pretend we were getting ready to take the stage in Vegas with this burlesque move.

Strip That Down is a high energy routine with booty shakes and hip circles that my classes asked to do week after week. Using this routine to end the cardio part of class always left me and my clients smiling.

Another routine that utilized booty shakes to add core and glute work during cardio was Perm. Have you figured out yet that I love a good booty shake? This Bruno Mars song could be used in Strike classes (a format based on kickboxing) because the jabs with plié step ups gave me a funky variation to break up that format from just the usual jabs.  Plus we loved singing this one, “Don’t be stingy with your big ole’ butt. Gotta be like WHOA!”

Ed Sheerhan’s Castle on the Hill was a pumping routine with strong moves.  Plus I could just listen to his voice all day. He made throwing up with his friends sound delightful! People in my class really appreciated me pointing out those lyrics. 😉

Routines that really got the heart rate up included Steppin’ and Insecure. Insecure was a surprise favorite for me because when I first heard the song and saw the routine, I thought, “Meh, this one might be okay.”  Holy Cow – this one gets the heart rate up and the sweat flowing!

My work out buddies and I really enjoyed Do Something Crazy. What can we say – it includes a shimmy, one of my very favorite moves!  “Got fireworks, got booze. Let’s blow something up!”

Feel It Still seemed to cause a little difference of opinion between generations. Those of us who could relate to the 60’s inspired walk with arms alternating overhead loved the move and the routine.

Finally Work by Lil Jon had a great beat, very apropos words and a chest pump, hip shake break that makes you forget how hard you are working.

Strength training is my favorite part of the workout, and my classes accuse me of “teri-cising” them [her name is Teri]. I think they exaggerate. LOL I tend to take my strength routines to the floor, so those I selected as my top choices are mostly based on the floor versions.

Upper body favorites are Rockabye, Call on Me, FIYAH, and Crying in the Club which all incorporate some lower body work also – why not get in as much muscle work as possible?

Believer is a rarity because I love it using the resistance tubes. The trap work at first seems relatively easy and then “PAIN” as you lift the arms overhead! Plus I really like the artist, Imagine Dragons.

However, my nemesis of the upper body routines is Swish Swish on the floor. This is a unique routine that works the muscle in a different way than they are used to working by doing flies while on all fours. OUCH! It is definitely a challenge to get through!

Ab routines are some of my favorites and 2017 brought some tough ones. Lyin’ to Myself really engages the lower abdominals with bicycle moves and leg crosses low to the floor. Double OUCH! Friends was a surprise for me. It doesn’t seem like it should be that challenging but I always feel my abs after I do it. Slumber Party is one of the few ab routines I really like standing. The side reaches really make you use the obliques.

Then there are the leg routines that make us groan: Surfin’ makes the inner thighs quiver. Most Girls has dead lifts! When done correctly, and it does take some instruction to help clients do it correctly, dead lifts let the glutes know that you’ve worked them for days. Human works both the abs and inner thighs and is actually versatile for me as I like it both standing and on the floor.

Finally to end class, my favorite stretch is Say You Won’t Let Go. This song has really positive lyrics and some long, full body stretches. On My Way has good core work incorporated in with the stretching. My classes are probably tired of Once a Day as I love the leg work in it and with the ball, it is KILLER!  Sun Comes Up has push up – one of my favorite and my classes’ least favorite moves! We do, however, always review the modified variations for push ups so that everyone can be successful.

Overall, I would say that 2017 gave me some routines that I will continue to incorporate into my sets for years to come!

Thanks Mom! Let us know what you thought of 2017 in the comments! 

P.S. I did my best with song links but some might not be the exact version used in the class. And please let me know ASAP if any explicit versions slipped past me.

Questions of the Day

What were your favorite 2017 routines?

What makes a “good” routine for you?

Jazzercise Best of 2017
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