Hi guys! I’m making a final push this week to finish all my schoolwork for the semester before the baby comes but wanted to pop in quickly and share some pictures with you from this weekend.

On Saturday I had my second baby shower, this one thrown by the instructor team at Jazzercise. It was open-house style and everyone, instructors and customers, was invited. I’d say there ended up being around 30 people there.

It was book-themed and the decorations were adorable!

Those are book pages with hearts cut out and little books hanging from the ceiling-so cute!


We had one game: Guess the Baby Instructor. Apparently it was pretty challenging, except for my picture! What do you think? Would you have guessed me?


Dimples and chubby cheeks-still a fitting description 😉

We also did diaper messages and I’m hoping these will make the 3am diaper changes a little more fun.

Finally we did presents. Opening presents in front of 30 people was a lot of attention for me but luckily the other instructors made it pretty painless. Erin (who also made all the book decorations) handed me presents, threw trash away, and organized the open gifts so it moved quickly while Courtnee grabbed a mic to announce who a gift was from and what it was. She also went around the room and asked people for advice on raising a boy, which I loved hearing. I also ended up with a little helper, one of the other instructor’s daughter, who showed off all the presents for me and made me laugh by loudly announcing to everyone that “you can’t have too many diapers”.

The presents were overwhelming! This little boy is already so spoiled and his nursery is so full (if you brought a present, know that I’m working on thank you notes now). And this diaper cake is so great, I don’t want to take it apart-thank you Sara!

It was a wonderful afternoon and my heart is full knowing that I’m a part of such a great community. A big thank you to the instructors for putting this together and to everyone who helped celebrate my baby boy!

Jazzercise Baby Shower

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