I debated about sharing this but decided to go ahead since this blog is about school and becoming a registered dietitian. It’s definitely not a given and not something to get my hopes up too much but I did find a possible RD program for the future.

University of Northern Colorado offers an online DPD program. Because I already have a bachelor’s degree (and will also have my MPH by this point), I could complete only the dietetics courses I need to be eligible for an internship and then to take the RD exam. The majority of the classes are offered online, as the program is designed for those who are working and/or have families, which would be ideal for me as I’ll either be working or home with a kiddo/kiddos (because it might be far in the future).

The online portion offers 15 courses and then are 15 additional courses that must be completed as part of the curriculum. The 15 online courses are designed to take 18 months and then however long the 15 additional courses take. I actually have a good chunk of them completed and believe it would take me no more than 2 years, possibly only the 18 months.

The program doesn’t offer any kind of coordinated internship, although UNC does offer a a separate internship that gives preference to its students. That bodes well for me, as I also completed my undergraduate degree at UNC.

Of course there are financial concerns, as neither the DPD program nor internship are eligible for financial aid (aka loans) and I’ll be trying to pay off my boatload of debt from my MPH. If I could just win the lottery, I’d be set.

I’m trying not to worry about any of that now. I’m sticking with my plan of finishing my MPH and will see what comes next. There’s no way to know what the future holds in terms of career and family but this is definitely something I’m going to keep in the back of my mind. I can’t predict the future but I do hope mine includes becoming a registered dietitian and it’s nice to know that this program is a possibility.

Future RD Possibility

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