Just a quick recap a day late because I don’t really feel like blogging but I’m losing track of my 100 Jazzercise classes.

Monday 9/4-Jazzercise


Since I was in Nebraska, I took my mom’s Jazzercise class. She did a Plank & Plie theme that killed my legs.

Tuesday 9/5-Rest

Wednesday 9/6-Walk and Yoga

Bailey and I went on a nice 1.5 mile walk before I left for yoga. The class is the same Gentle Integrative class I was doing before and it felt great to be back. I’m probably the youngest there by about 20 years, which makes me laugh.

Thursday 9/7-Jazzercise

Friday 9/8-Jazzercise

Saturday 9/9-Rest

Sunday 9/10-Jazzercise

My mom was in town so I took her to an instructor I thought she’d enjoy. And I was right; they have similar teaching styles and she did a kick butt set.

Then my mom and I went shopping and walking around all afternoon did me in. I couldn’t believe how tired I was and how sore my legs were after that but I guess carrying around a big old belly will do that.

Not a super exciting week but I am on class 87 out of 100 for my challenge. Only 13 left to go to meet my goal!

Fitness in a Week 9/4-9/10

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