Hello again! I hope everyone had a fantastic Labor Day weekend. And knows that today is Tuesday, not Monday (I needed to type that out to remind myself). Baby brain has really kicked in and I don’t remember much about last week. So just a quick check-in for today!

Monday 8/28-Jazzercise

Tuesday 8/29-Jazzercise

Wednesday 8/30-Rest

Thursday 8/31-Rest

Friday 9/1-Jazzercise

Saturday 9/2-Rest

Sunday 9/3-3.3 mile walk with my mom and Bailey

Ryan, Bailey, Benji, and I visited my parents in Nebraska this week. My friend’s little boy turned 6, so we attended his birthday party and then my mom and I spent some time planning my baby shower. A morning walk was the perfect time to start brainstorming and coming up with ideas for my little shower (just a few family and friends-perfect for me). It was in the 50’s for most of the walk, which was such a nice change from all the hot weather. Bailey enjoyed the cooler weather too; 3 miles is the longest she’s gone in awhile. Benji made it around the block too!

I ended last week with my 83rd pregnant Jazzercise class. We’ll see what this week holds. I’m having some pain that I’m hoping is just related to being in the car so much this weekend and will go away soon. I’m not ready to be sidelined yet!

Fitness in a Week 8/28-9/3

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