Hey guys! Sorry I’m a little late posting today. Ryan and I spent yesterday doing some baby gear research and before I knew it, it was time for bed. So, anyway, let’s quickly look back at last week.

Monday 8/21-1.75 mile walk


1.5 miles with Bailey and a walk around the block with Benji. I felt so bad the day before when I went for a walk with my friend without Bailey. She knows my walking shorts and shoes and gets excited when she sees me get them out. Ryan said she cried when I left without her, so I definitely owed her a walk.

Tuesday 8/22-Jazzercise

This was such a fun set with some new routines and some older favorites, including a tough leg routine.

Wednesday 8/23-Jazzercise

This was another great set that was also heavy on the legs. I seriously could barely walk afterwards.

Thursday-1.55 mile walk

Another walk with Bailey. Monday seemed to wipe Benji out, so I let him sleep.

Later that afternoon I met my friend for coffee and we walked around a bit but I didn’t last long.


The instructor put together a “Happy/Grateful” set and I loved it. It was exactly what I needed after feeling kind of down on myself after getting together with some of my cohort from school the night before. I did not love almost crying during Grateful which gets me normally but was taken to a whole new level by hormones. It’s a beautiful song though and I left the class in a much better mood.

Saturday and Sunday were much needed rest days. My legs were actually bothering me a bit and I woke up this morning with some leg pain. I’m going to keep moving and hope that helps keep my muscles loose. I’ll keep you updated!

Edited to add: This week put me at 80/100 Jazzercise classes for my challenge. I had to put it on here because I’m having a hard time keeping track!

Fitness in a Week 8/21-8/27

2 thoughts on “Fitness in a Week 8/21-8/27

  • August 28, 2017 at 4:55 pm

    Nice job on your workouts!! I really want to try a Jazzercise class, it sounds like so much fun. I also really can’t wait to get a dog so I can give him lots of walks 🙂

    • August 28, 2017 at 5:36 pm

      I hope you’re able to because it really is a great workout! And I hope you get a dog soon because they’re just the best 🙂


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