Hello again! Is everyone ready for the eclipse today? We’re supposed to have about 95% coverage here in northern Colorado. Should be pretty cool to see! Don’t worry, I’ve got my glasses.

Sorry for disappearing again at the end of next week. No good excuse really, I just didn’t blog. But I’m back now with last week’s workouts.

Monday 8/14-Rest

Tuesday 8/15-Jazzercise

This was the Strike class I mentioned last week. It felt so good after a frustrating day!

Wednesday 8/16-Pregnancy workout

It was too hot for Jazzercise or to walk but I still wanted to do something. Awhile ago one of my favorite bloggers, Hungry Runner Girl, shared Good for the Swole’s Instagram page  full of pregnancy-safe workouts. I haven’t been doing any strength training other than Jazzercise lately (and I dropped my weights way down), so this low-impact workout sounded great. I had to modify a few things but otherwise enjoyed doing a bit of strengthening. I think I might try to incorporate similar workouts maybe once a week now.

Thursday 8/17-Rest

Friday 8/18-1.57 mile walk

I took Bailey out for a quick walk before my doctor’s appointment.

Saturday 8/19-Jazzercise

This was the first class I felt a little uncomfortable. I had a small pain in my side. It went away after a few songs though, so I’m not really sure what it was.

Sunday 8/20-3ish mile walk

My good friend from grad school is back from her internship in Geneva so we walked while catching up. I forgot to start Charity Miles and then forgot to turn it off (pretty good huh?) but I think we walked somewhere around 3 miles, maybe a little more. I’m happy to report no pain or uncomfortableness, other than getting winded really fast when going up hills.

This week is probably the last week ever where I’ll have nothing to do (summer classes are done, fall classes don’t start till next week, and the girls I watch are back in school) so I’m looking forward to lots of walks and Jazzercise. I’m currently at class 77 out of 100. 23 classes and 8 weeks to go (to be done at 35 weeks; anything after will be bonus)!

Fitness in a Week 8/14-8/20

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