Hi all! Well obviously today isn’t Friday but since I missed Fitness Friday, I thought I’d recap my workouts today. I think this might be a regular thing because (1) I have more time to write over the weekend and (2) writing about my workouts from Monday through Sunday makes more sense than Friday through Thursday. Today’s post will be a little long to get everything in.

Friday (March 4)-Jazzercise

I went to the early morning class (5:30 am) and got my 35 Day Challenge tank top. Emphasis on got and not earned. Since I put the extra point on my tracker, I got my shirt but still had one more class before I officially earned it. Side note: not counting the extra point as earning my shirt was my personal decision. Other people counted it and definitely earned it with the extra point.35 Day Challenge: 29/30

Saturday (March 5)-Jazzercise & Day of Dance performance

2016-03-05 07.49.59

Finally the big day! I proudly wore my shirt to my 30th class. Then I wore it for a Jazzercise demo at Day of Dance, an awesome event in our community that highlights different ways to stay healthy. Jazzercise was invited to do a 15 minute demo and let people try out our routines. Even though I had another week until workshop, I got be in front with the instructors and help lead the crowd. There were a couple little kids in front of me that totally rocked it! Such a fun day! 35 Day Challenge: 30/30

Sunday (March 6)- 2.5 mile run/walk with Bailey & Yoga videos

2016-03-06 09.59.16

2016-03-06 10.13.43 HDR

Sunday morning was absolutely gorgeous, so Bailey and I headed outside for a run. It ended up being more of a run/walk because she wanted to stop and sniff everything.  I think our pace ended up being somewhere between 13-14 minutes/mile but it was the perfect way to enjoy the morning with Bailey.

I kept the relaxation going with Days 15 and 16 from the Do You Yoga 30 Day Challenge. Day 16 focused on achieving the splits. I used to be really flexible and had no problem with the splits until a couple years ago. Then I started running, which tightened my muscles, and now I’m sad to say I can no longer do the splits. I think I have a new goal to work towards.

Monday (March 7)-1 mile run

I headed out for another run after volunteering at a Cooking Matters class (I’ll talk more about my experience with that after the course is over). I planned to do about three miles but my stomach had different plans. I made it to one mile and that was a struggle. I’m guessing eating at class before running wasn’t the greatest idea.

Tuesday (March 8)-3 mile run

2016-03-08 18.09.53

Run, take two. After a somewhat chaotic Girls on the Run practice (it was our first one-hadn’t quite found our groove yet), a run was exactly what I needed. Luckily, this one went much better than the night before. I ran this at an easy effort and was excited to find that I finished with an average pace of sub-10 minute miles.

Wednesday (March 9)-Yoga

As you might have noticed, as my weeks have gotten busier, yoga has kind of fallen to the wayside. It felt great to go to class and stretch and destress.

Thursday (March 10)-HIIT Class

With the Jazzercise challenge over and the expiration date looming for my HIIT classes, I was excited for my first class back on Thursday. These classes use a heart rate monitor and project your stats (heart rate, percentage of max heart rate, and zone you’re working in) on the wall. It’s great motivation to push yourself to get your square to change color. Thursday’s class focused on upper body and was a 1:1 (1 minute of strength to 1 minute of cardio). We did wall balls, back flys with a band, bicep curls, mountain climbers, and reverse burpees, just to name a few exercises. We finished with 4 minutes of core work. Yikes was my upper body sore the next day!

Friday (March 11)-Yoga video

I decided a rest day was in order since Jazzercise workshop was the next day. I spent the afternoon practicing my audition routines and then stretched out with a Slow Full-Body Flow from the Do You Yoga 30 Day Challenge. Bailey clearly also wanted to do yoga. 2016-03-11 15.24.27

Saturday (March 12)-Jazzercise Workshop

I’ll do a more detailed post about this (hopefully) later this week. For now I’ll just say we spent about 3 hours working on movement, an hour working on cueing, and then an hour for the actual audition. It ended up being a very long day.

Sunday (March 13)-Jazzercise & Yoga videos

2016-03-13 10.26.40

Workshop was totally worth it though because I passed! I can’t wait to start teaching again!

I started the morning off with a Jazzercise class and then Week 9 and Week 10 of the Year of Yoga. Bailey wanted to help me with my stretching.

2016-03-13 10.17.252016-03-13 10.17.45

So there’s my week and then some. I feel like I had a pretty good mix of workouts and am hoping to keep this balance of Jazzercise, running, yoga, and strength. There’s just so many workouts and so little time!

Sorry for some of the cruddy pictures but I thought the pictures of Bailey joining me for yoga were too funny not to share. I use my iPhone for everything and sometimes the quality isn’t the best.

Do you plan your workouts in advance or decide that day what you want to do? 

Fitness Friday (that’s not a Friday)

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