If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you may have noticed that I very rarely share information about my personal, day-to-day life. Most of my blog posts are focused on a specific topic. I do that on purpose because one, my life isn’t very interesting to write about and two, I personally prefer reading this type of blog compared to blogs that post daily recaps.

Sometimes, though, I have random tidbits I want to share with you that don’t really fit in with any of my scheduled posts. So I’m introducing a new series on the blog called Coffee Chat where I share things I would tell you about if we were on a coffee date.

(I kind of started doing this last summer with my Randomness Posts, here, here, and here, but I thought Coffee Chat sounded more fun. Plus it gives us both an excuse to drink coffee!)

So grab a cup of coffee (or your drink of choice) and let’s talk! I hope you’ll chat back with me in the comments so it’s like we’re really hanging out 🙂

Coffee Chat

Okay, first things first, please go watch this video and tell me you find it as funny as I do! I woke Chase up the first time I watched it because I was laughing so hard. It’s hard to pick a favorite part. Maybe when he’s going through the different types of bread? It’s hilarious to watch him poke fun at fad diets but also kind of scary because there are people who actually believe those things.


I finally caved this week and bought myself some clothes that fit. Since I stay at home with Chase and we’re trying to save money, I hadn’t bought any post pregnancy clothes, instead relying on maternity leggings and Ryan’s race T-shirts to get me through this stage. However after having a mini-breakdown last weekend that we had people coming over and I didn’t have anything semi-cute to wear, I decided it was worth spending the money. Fortunately, we received Kohl’s gift cards for Christmas, so I used those to treat myself to a pair of jeans, sweater, and these super soft, flattering shirts. It’s amazing how much better I feel now when seeing people or leaving the house. And yes, Chase has one sock on in the picture. Real life here.

Any other This Is Us fans? I binged the show the first few weeks after Chase was born and am so excited that new episodes are on. Thoughts on Tuesday’s episode? I just want to know how Jack died already!

Also, I need a new Netflix or On Demand show to binge. Chase and I spend a lot of time nursing and cuddling while he’s asleep. I love it but I still need entertained while he’s snoozing. Any suggestions?

I start school again on the 22nd and I’m legitimately concerned that I might forget. Days don’t seem to matter as much when you’re hibernating at home with a new baby and it would be really easy to miss the start date. I’m eager to continue working on my degree but can’t say I’m excited to have to focus on something other than Chase.

Check this out-Jazzercise is finally getting recognized as a current workout! In the seven years that I’ve been a part of Jazzercise, I’ve heard so many 80’s and leg warmer jokes; sometimes I’ll say I’m a fitness instructor instead of a Jazzercise instructor because I don’t feel like following up with “it’s actually a great workout!” This makes me so happy to see it listed with current, popular workouts like Pure Barre and BeachBody. Have I convinced you to try a class yet? You can find one near you here. Let me know if you love it!

I think that’s all I have for this week. Tell me something from your week below! And because it’s a coffee date, I have to ask

What’s your favorite coffee drink? –At home, I drink coffee with a splash of whole milk and cinnamon. At a coffee shop, I like to treat myself to a vanilla latte.




Coffee Chat #1
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4 thoughts on “Coffee Chat #1

  • January 11, 2018 at 2:58 pm

    ok – thanks for the morning giggle – great video! Love the new clothes and the one-sock wonder baby! Can’t wait to meet him! As for binge shows, my kids like Riverdale – kinda like a 90210 of the 90’s, but with Archie comics characters. I can’t get over that the ‘bad’ kid was either Zach or Cody (still can’t tell them apart) from Suite Life on Deck, but hey – nice to see he still has a career!

    Sounds like you’re having fun being mom, student, instructor, wife, and more! Funny comment on Jazzercise. I taught a new “Zumba” set yesterday, and my Zumba is a lot more dance-y than true Latin (my clientele prefer it that way) and I checked in with a new participant after class to see how she did. She says, “yeah, I liked it. I did Jazzercise in the 80’s and it’s a lot like that!” I wish our local Jazzercise offered all the variety classes that you and your mom teach.

    As for coffee, at home I go flavored (van heutte – sp?) choc raspberry with a splash of the natural sweet cream coffee creamer and out, I love a skinny vanilla latte with a shot of peppermint. Capp and Co in Scb calls it a white jack frost I think. Yummy!!!!! I honestly tried the lemon water with turmeric thing for a few mornings and about gagged. I can deal with one delicious cup of coffee to start my day!

    Keep the blogs coming – love them! Add some videos of Chase doing whatever cute baby things he does right now!

    • January 11, 2018 at 6:20 pm

      I keep hearing things about Riverdale-I’ll have to check it out! Thanks!
      I love vanilla peppermint lattes around Christmas! There’s a coffee shop here that uses crushed peppermint candy instead of syrup and it’s delicious!
      I’ll work on Chase videos. I love videos of him but am never sure if anyone else is interested in a minute of him kicking his legs lol

  • January 12, 2018 at 2:44 pm

    Why is everyone in such a hurry to know how Jack died on TIU?! I love the scenes with him and don’t want those to be fewer as they flashback to after his death. 😢
    I was so glad in Tuesday’s episode when Kevin finally got to say he felt overlooked and left out. I was angry with Randall though for saying Kevin did not have an addiction, and my heart melted at the end when Rebecca curled up on the floor with Kevin. Such a good show! I wondered outloud during the show if you and your brother think I had a favorite? 🤔

    I find the video hysterical. I like when he gives up cooked foods because he burned his hand.

    You look so good! Wearing clothes that fit well makes such a difference in how we feel about ourselves. Give that little one-sock boy loves from me.
    And no favorite coffee drink for me! 🤢

    • January 12, 2018 at 5:18 pm

      I don’t want there to be fewer flashbacks of him either but they’ve built up his death so much, I just want answers!


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