Weekly Workout Recap 1/9-1/15

Happy Monday! My last week of break had a good mix of Jazzercise, running, and yoga. Monday-Jazzercise & Yoga video A big class and a set I like made this class a lot of fun. I might share this one

Weekly Workout Recap 1/2-1/8

It’s the first full week of the new year and the time to recommit to fitness (actually anytime is a good time to recommit to fitness). Unfortunately most of my workouts didn’t feel fabulous this week. I’m physically feeling fine;

Weekly Workout Recap (12/5-12/11)

I’m done! I officially submitted my last paper for the semester about 20 minutes ago. Let’s not talk about the fact I spent close to two hours editing other peoples’ writing… Moving on to workouts! Monday 12/5-Jazzercise I taught my

Weekly Workout Recap 8/8-8/14

This week sadly still wasn’t a great week for workouts. My leg is feeling better but I still struggled with a cold and other random issues. Monday 8/8-Jazzercise Tuesday 8/9-Rest Wednesday 8/10-Jazzercise I felt awful during this class! I wasn’t

Weekly Workout Recap 5/30-6/5

This might be the best workout recap so far. My workouts this week were awesome! I did two races, taught five Jazzercise classes, and ran every day. Monday 5/30-BolderBoulder 10k On Monday I ran the BolderBoulder with two of my best

Weekly Workout Recap 5/23-5/29

The alternate title for this post is “Sometimes I Do Really Stupid Stuff”. When you’re a fitness instructor, you have no one but yourself to blame for a tough workout that leaves you sore. This is even more true when

Weekly Workout Recap 3/28-4/3

Well this week went better workout-wise but I still can’t say it was great. I don’t know why but I seem to be out of my groove lately. I didn’t skip any workouts but several of them were just ‘meh’.

Weekly Workout Recap

Since I’m not recapping my workouts on Friday anymore and can’t call them Fitness Friday, I need a new title for these posts. Unfortunately being cute and creative isn’t my forte. Any suggestions? Monday 3/14-HIIT Class Monday was another intense HIIT

Fitness Friday (that’s not a Friday)

Hi all! Well obviously today isn’t Friday but since I missed Fitness Friday, I thought I’d recap my workouts today. I think this might be a regular thing because (1) I have more time to write over the weekend and

Fitness Friday #5

Do you ever have those weeks that just seem to fly by because you’re so busy? That was this week. I managed to make it to Jazzercise every day but that was about it. Let’s recap. Friday-Jazzercise You could earn