Girls on the Run

A few Saturdays ago was our big Girls on the Run 5k. This is always my favorite part of the season, when the girls finally achieve what they’ve been working towards all season. I haven’t said much about Girls on the

Weekly Workout Recap 3/27-4/2

This semester is really taking its toll on me right now. Last week I had two tests; this week I have another test and a project due, on top of all my normal assignments. When prioritizing my time, unfortunately workouts

Weekly Workout Recap 1/16-1/22

I’m not sure how but I’m pretty sure last week was the longest week ever. It wasn’t necessarily bad but when I looked back at my planner on Friday, Monday seemed like ages ago. Monday-3 mile run I did my

3 in 30 Treadmill Workout

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had a treadmill workout to share with you guys. This will get you 3 miles in almost exactly 30 minutes. Of course you could just set the treadmill to 6.0mph and run

Weekly Workout Recap (12/19-12/25)

Happy Monday! It is Monday right? I’m so confused on my days. Anyway, I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Moving on to workouts, they were a little light last week. Monday-Rest Tuesday-Rest Wednesday-Jazzercise My mom and I found a Jazzercise

Weekly Workout Recap (10/17-10/23)

I figure if I’m going to be blogging again, why not start doing weekly workout recaps again? It’s helpful to me and I enjoy reading what other people’s routines so hopefully you feel the same! Monday (10/17)-Rest day Tuesday (10/18)-Rest day

Weekly Workout Recap 8/8-8/14

This week sadly still wasn’t a great week for workouts. My leg is feeling better but I still struggled with a cold and other random issues. Monday 8/8-Jazzercise Tuesday 8/9-Rest Wednesday 8/10-Jazzercise I felt awful during this class! I wasn’t

Adoption Anniversary & Walk for a Dog App

Yesterday was a special day at our house. We celebrated Bailey’s 2 year adoption anniversary! 2 years ago we brought home this tiny, timid puppy from an animal rescue. Now we have a wild, sweet, spoiled girl who brightens our