Weekly Workout Recap 5/1-5/7

Almost done-I just have to finish this week and I’ll finally be done with this semester! I’ll be spending all day studying for my toughest final but am hoping to make it to Jazzercise first. Monday-Rest Tuesday-Practice 5k at Girls

What to Do With Old Race Bibs

As runners, we tend to accumulate a lot of stuff, especially from races. If you’re sentimental like me, those T-shirts, medals, and bibs hold special meaning. Once you’ve been racing for awhile though, they tend to pile up. So what

Valentine’s Day 5k

Ryan and I don’t really do gifts or flowers for Valentine’s Day (I’m not mentioning chocolate because we do chocolate pretty much every day) but he did run a Valentine’s race with me. Full disclosure: my mom had to invoke her

Weekly Workout Recap (2/6-2/12)

Another very long week. I did well with the 35 Day Challenge at Jazzercise but wasn’t able to fit much else in. Let’s recap, shall we? Monday-Jazzercise Being on campus all day meant the only class I could guarantee I’d

Dressing for Winter Running

Running in the winter can be a challenge for many reasons: longer hours of darkness, freezing temperatures, snowstorms, icy trails, etc. It can be tempting to say forget it and hibernate for the winter. After all, Netflix, a blanket, and

Weekly Workout Recap 1/30-2/5

We’re one month into 2017! How’s your year been so far? In one word, mine’s been busy! Luckily, I’ve managed to be consistent with my workouts, partially thanks to the 35 Day Challenge at Jazzercise. Monday-Rest This was also a