Nutrition Advice You Can Trust

You see it all the time of Facebook. Someone asks for nutrition advice and gets all of kinds of comments: “try this type of protein shake” “do Whole30” “cut out carbs”…the list goes on and on and on. Or “I’m

What I Want to Do as a Registered Dietitian

Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month?  The theme is “Put Your Best Fork Forward”, so take a little extra time to assess what goes on your fork and into your body. In honor of this month and


Let’s talk about snacking. I know there are different opinions about snacking; I personally believe that you should eat when you’re hungry and that snacking is a good way to keep yourself from getting “hangry” (anyone else super guilty of

Social Media & Healthy Eating

I love nutrition. So much so that I’m spending thousands of dollars and years of my life working to get a nutrition degree, just so I can talk to and help others with their nutrition. Because of this, I follow

A Week of Dinners

To follow up last week’s post on meal planning, I’d thought I’d show an example of our dinners for a week. A few weeks ago, I looked through our pantry and refrigerator and realized we had a lot of food

Meal Plan in 5 Easy Steps

Meal planning: some people swear by it and others loathe the words. Personally, I love it. It’s helped Ryan and I improve our eating habits, cook at home more, and save money. I thought I’d share what works for us.

Confession of an Aspiring Registered Dietitian

I have a secret to tell you. I probably shouldn’t, considering this is a nutrition/healthy living blog. Okay, are you ready? Here it goes… I don’t like cooking. I really don’t. My cooking skills are minimal and I need very

Debunking Health Claims on Food Labels

Knowing how many people make resolutions to lose weight or be healthier (learn to set better goals here), grocery store shelves explode with “healthy” foods this time of year. Every label is covered in nutrition claims, making the product seem like

Setting and Achieving Healthy Goals

Every January 1, resolutions are made to be healthier in the new year. Sadly the majority of these resolutions fail before the month is over. The problem is when we set general, vague goals, they become too overwhelming to begin. And then, if