Weekly Workout Recap 5/1-5/7

Almost done-I just have to finish this week and I’ll finally be done with this semester! I’ll be spending all day studying for my toughest final but am hoping to make it to Jazzercise first. Monday-Rest Tuesday-Practice 5k at Girls

Weekly Workout Recap 4/24-4/30

Happy May Day! Another week down, less than two to go. Monday-Rest Tuesday-Rest Wednesday-Jazzercise Considering I had no time on Tuesday to put a learn and practice a set, I quickly threw together a set of my favorite routines that I

Weekly Workout Recap 4/17-4/23

18 days left in the semester. Just 18…but who’s counting? I seriously cannot wait to be done and have time for things other than homework again. Maybe I’ll even blog regularly again! I’ll have a couple big announcements next month

Weekly Workout Recap 4/3-4/16

I missed recapping last week but my workouts have been so lacking lately, there’s not much to recap. Monday 4/3-Rest Tuesday 4/4-Jazzercise I took a class as a student and enjoyed the chance to just move and not think. Wednesday 4/5-Jazzercise

Weekly Workout Recap 3/20-3/26

Hi guys, Here’s another super quick post for you, again mostly because I hate missing my recaps. My brain is super fried though so apologies if nothing I write makes sense. Monday 3/20-Rest Tuesday 3/21-Jazzercise I took a last minute

Weekly Workout Recap 3/13-3/19

Sigh, back to school this week. Although spring break wasn’t much of a break, more of a “do homework, all day everyday” kind of week. Monday 3/13–Rest My quads and glutes were surprisingly sore from hiking the day before. Tuesday

Hiking Horsetooth

In all my years in Northern Colorado, I’ve never hiked Horsetooth Rock. Since it’s the iconic Fort Collins hike, it seemed like it was time to. My friend Faire and I had been talking about how we haven’t been able

Weekly Workout Recap 3/6-3/12

Guess what today is? It’s the start of spring break! Of course, I’ll be doing homework pretty much all day every day. But I did take yesterday off to relax so I’ll call that a win. Monday 3/6-Rest day Tuesday

Fitness Bucket List

Two weeks ago week I shared races that are on my running bucket list. You guys know I do more than run, so I thought I’d share my general fitness bucket list this week! 1. Attend Jazzercise classes at the Carlsbad