So today’s post is late going up because I honestly didn’t realize it was Friday until this morning.


I’m officially in the third trimester now! And feeling more pregnant every day.

Size: Baby weighs around 2 1/2 pounds and is just over 15 inches long.

Movement: I feel him all the time now! He doesn’t kick so much as wiggle and he’s big enough now that he makes the whole side of my stomach jump. I love just laying down and feeling him move.

Feeling: Like I said, I’m definitely feeling pregnant now. When we visited my parents last weekend, going up and down the stairs left me winded. Things like turning over in bed are becoming a lot more difficult. Also my stomach is ginormous. Period. And my belly button pokes out of most my shirts now.

I’ve been having some what I think is sciatic pain. It started during our trip to Nebraska and I’m guessing is the result of sitting in the car for three hours. It’s lingered since then but isn’t too bad. It’s the worst first thing in the morning but goes away once I’m moving. My logic: Hmm…I can barely walk. Better go to Jazzercise! Being active really does help it though, as long as I’m careful on leg routines.

Food: All the Cheerios, all the time. We were out of milk one day and I seriously almost went crazy without my cereal. Chocolate shakes have also been big the past few weeks.

Baby gear: I need to stay out of baby clothing stores because he now has even more outfits. We still have a lot more work to do on his nursery (mainly cleaning our junk out of the closet) but it’s slowly coming together. I’ll wait to share until it’s all finished but here’s a picture of the adorable decal I found.


I can’t believe how close we are to meeting our little man! This past week went really fast; if the rest of the weeks are like that, he’ll be here before we know it.

Bumpie Friday: Weeks 28 & 29

2 thoughts on “Bumpie Friday: Weeks 28 & 29

  • September 9, 2017 at 12:08 pm

    Three cheers for that baby bump! So exciting!!! You look great, Kaci! Enjoy these days and all the prep and dreaming that go with them!

  • September 11, 2017 at 2:26 pm

    So excited that you’re now feeling the baby 🙂 🙂 I can’t even imagine how excited you must be to meet him!


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