The BolderBoulder is one of the biggest races in the country and one of the most organized and fun races I’ve ever done.


Race day started super early for my friend Samantha and me. She decided a few days before that she wanted to sign up and run but online registration had already closed. That meant we needed to arrive early enough to get her registered. She picked me up around 5:15am, we stopped at Starbucks, and we hit the road.

We got to Boulder way faster than we thought we would and had no trouble finding parking (I actually navigated using the map on BolderBoulder’s website and was super proud of myself). Race day registration was easy to find and I was impressed with how smoothly it went. They found a bib for Sam in my wave (the race has very strict waves and start times because it’s so big) and gave her a wristband to pick up her shirt after the race so she wouldn’t have to carry it while running. There were even people there to look up your previous race times if you wanted into a qualified wave.

We dropped our stuff off back at the car, used the bathroom (actual bathrooms at an outdoor mall-score!), and returned to the start area to find our other friend Michelle. Before we knew it, we were off.

Not only are there a ton of race participants, the streets are packed with spectators. There are people handing out snacks and drinks, belly dancers, and even Slip ‘n’ Slides. My favorite were the people handing out Doritos in Doritos costumes. Although we didn’t stop at most places, our goal was to take in and enjoy all the festivities.

Even with no time goal, we finished in 1:02. The plan was to take it easy and enjoy the race. We did enjoy it but definitely pushed each other to keep going.


After the run, we enjoyed our snack bags and beer in Folsom Stadium (Dad, I said a quiet boo for you when I entered #gobigred). The snack bags were incredible. They were literally packed full of food and drinks and also included a little packet of sunscreen, which I very much appreciated.


We rested for a little while and then went to explore the expo and get Sam’s shirt. This is where I want to give a huge shoutout to BolderBoulder’s customer service. At some point during the race or afterwards, Samantha lost her wristband to redeem her shirt. When she explained what happened, they still gave her a shirt, even without a wristband.

This race was different for me. I usually don’t run with other people and I never run without music. It was fun to enjoy my friends’ company and be aware of everything going on around us. I’m grateful I got to have this experience with my friends and definitely plan on being back next year.

Also, this year the race provided free race pictures and video for participants, which I love. There’s actually some decent race pictures of me-that never happens! Seriously a great race!

Have you ran the BolderBoulder before? 

BolderBoulder 10k Recap

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