Girls on the Run

A few Saturdays ago was our big Girls on the Run 5k. This is always my favorite part of the season, when the girls finally achieve what they’ve been working towards all season. I haven’t said much about Girls on the

Semester in Review: Spring 2017

Well you’ve heard my thoughts all semester. My classes were tough. I was stressed. I did schoolwork nonstop. But you haven’t heard me say how proud I am of myself and that this semester was actually a huge confidence booster. I studied

Weekly Workout Recap 5/8-5/14

Thank you for the kind comments on Friday’s post. There is more to the story that I’m planning to share soon. Anyway, let’s talk workouts. This is coming a little late because of a busy but wonderful family-filled weekend. Monday

Weekly Workout Recap 5/1-5/7

Almost done-I just have to finish this week and I’ll finally be done with this semester! I’ll be spending all day studying for my toughest final but am hoping to make it to Jazzercise first. Monday-Rest Tuesday-Practice 5k at Girls

Weekly Workout Recap 4/24-4/30

Happy May Day! Another week down, less than two to go. Monday-Rest Tuesday-Rest Wednesday-Jazzercise Considering I had no time on Tuesday to put a learn and practice a set, I quickly threw together a set of my favorite routines that I

Weekly Workout Recap 4/17-4/23

18 days left in the semester. Just 18…but who’s counting? I seriously cannot wait to be done and have time for things other than homework again. Maybe I’ll even blog regularly again! I’ll have a couple big announcements next month

Weekly Workout Recap 4/3-4/16

I missed recapping last week but my workouts have been so lacking lately, there’s not much to recap. Monday 4/3-Rest Tuesday 4/4-Jazzercise I took a class as a student and enjoyed the chance to just move and not think. Wednesday 4/5-Jazzercise