I see this survey pop up from time to time on Facebook and other blogs and thought it’d be a fun way for you guys to get to know me a little better!

A-Age: 24

B-Biggest fear: Losing a loved one

C-Current time: 6:15am

D-Drink you had last: Coffee with milk and cinnamon

E-Easiest person to talk to: Ryan (my husband) and my mom

2015-11-21 08.15.51

F-Favorite song: It seriously changes day to day. Lately I’ve been loving Victorious by Panic! at the Disco

G-Grossest memory: When I was babysitting last year, the two-year old had a diaper blowout that went all over the walls and carpet. I’m sure parents reading this are rolling their eyes, but c’mon when it’s not even your kid? Gross.

H-Hometown: Scottsbluff, Nebraska. I was born in Arizona but moved before I was even a year old, so I don’t count that.

I-In love with: Ryan, duh2016-02-17 06.18.27

J-Jealous of: People in school. I’m so ready to start taking classes again and be working towards my goal.

K-Kindest person you know: My brother is seriously the nicest person you’ll ever meet.

2015-05-17 18.03.59

L-Longest (happy) relationship: 3 years with Ryan

M-Middle name: Kristine (hence Kaci K!)

N-Number of siblings: One

O-One wish: To start a family

P-Person you spoke to on the phone last: My dad

2015-12-31 20.10.06

Q-Question you’re always asked: What are you doing now? Are you in school?

R-Reason to smile: So many-my husband, our dogs, our new house, my family (especially my new little niece or nephew)

S-Song you last sang: Mess is Mine by Vance Joy-such a sweet song!

T-Time you woke up: 5:30am

U-Underwear color: Dad you can skip this one. Pink

V-Vacation destination: Out of all the places I’ve been, Hawaii is amazing! If I got to pick one place I haven’t been, it’d be Australia all the way.


W-Worst habit: I’m always on my phone. I need to break the addiction.

X-X-Rays: My arm when I broke it when I was 7 and my teeth a bunch of times

Y-Your favorite food: Peanut butter and ice cream…separate or together 🙂

Z-Zodiac sign: Leo

Your turn-answer one (or more) of the questions above and tell me a little about you! 







A to Z Survey

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