A Week of Dinners

To follow up last week’s post on meal planning, I’d thought I’d show an example of our dinners for a week. A few weeks ago, I looked through our pantry and refrigerator and realized we had a lot of food

Weekly Workout Recap 1/23-1/29

Well I made it through my first full week of school. This is going to be a tough, busy semester but I was still mostly consistent with my workouts. Monday-Rest 1 minute, 30 seconds for my plank challenge. Tuesday-Run I did 4

Why You Should Do Planks and How to Modify

Thank you for the kind comments on yesterday’s post! They all meant a lot 🙂 So today we’re talking about planks! If you regularly take my Jazzercise class, do Personal Touch sessions with me, or try some of the strength workouts

Meal Plan in 5 Easy Steps

Meal planning: some people swear by it and others loathe the words. Personally, I love it. It’s helped Ryan and I improve our eating habits, cook at home more, and save money. I thought I’d share what works for us.

Weekly Workout Recap 1/16-1/22

I’m not sure how but I’m pretty sure last week was the longest week ever. It wasn’t necessarily bad but when I looked back at my planner on Friday, Monday seemed like ages ago. Monday-3 mile run I did my

Small Goals for 2017

Throughout the past two weeks, I’ve been finding small things I’d like to incorporate more into my life this year. I’ve already set my main goals for 2017 but I’m adding on some little ones that I think will make

The Importance of Rest Days

Does anyone else get overzealous when making a workout or training plan? I think it’s especially common this time of year to plan on doing a super intense workout every day. It may sound like a good idea; after all, it

3 in 30 Treadmill Workout

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had a treadmill workout to share with you guys. This will get you 3 miles in almost exactly 30 minutes. Of course you could just set the treadmill to 6.0mph and run