Weekly Workout Recap (12/19-12/25)

Happy Monday! It is Monday right? I’m so confused on my days. Anyway, I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Moving on to workouts, they were a little light last week. Monday-Rest Tuesday-Rest Wednesday-Jazzercise My mom and I found a Jazzercise

Lesson in Hospital Nutrition

Today was supposed to be my Ugly Sweater recap but since weather prevented me from getting to the race, that would be a very short post. Instead, I want to share a little about a nutrition opportunity I discovered today.

Weekly Workout Recap (12/12-12/18)

Well I am unfortunately blogging from a hotel room and not from my grandma’s house in Texas. It was a very frustrating and long day but when this posts, my mom and I will hopefully be on a plane heading

Jazzercise 2016-R4 Review

Because of the mess that November was, I didn’t learn nearly as many routines off this set as I usually do. I subbed out several classes (although I still managed to teach 13 times in November), had to prioritize learning

Graduate School: Semester One

One down, I don’t even know how many more to go. This semester was tough. My brother told me the first semester of grad school is meant to break you down. This one definitely tried. Add in everything else that’s happened

Weekly Workout Recap (12/5-12/11)

I’m done! I officially submitted my last paper for the semester about 20 minutes ago. Let’s not talk about the fact I spent close to two hours editing other peoples’ writing… Moving on to workouts! Monday 12/5-Jazzercise I taught my