Weekly Workout Recap 7/18-7/24

Last week was a solid week for workouts, with lots of Jazzercise, a decent 5k, and one intense morning that left my legs crying a little. Monday 7/18-Jazzercise For the beginning of the week, I taught Core. Core follows the Dance Mixx format

Running and Lifting Circuit Workout

Last Thursday, I kind of wanted to run and I kind of wanted to lift. But at the same time, I didn’t really want to do anything. When that feeling strikes, the best thing to do is a fast workout

Festival of Hope 5k

On June 18, my parents and I ran the Festival of Hope 5k in my Nebraskan hometown. Have I mentioned before how much I like local races? Probably not because I almost never get to do them. It’s so nice to

Weekly Workout Recap 7/10-7/17

Last week for workouts was exciting because I actually mixed it up and did some things other than Jazzercise. 7/10- Yoga Rocks the Park Yoga Rocks the Park are outdoor yoga classes offered throughout the summer. Each class is taught