Arvada Park-to-Park 5k

When I complete my MPH, one thing I’m interested in doing is putting together events to encourage healthy living and showcase ways to do so. When I got an email about a race as part of Arvada Trails Day and

Weekly Workout Recap (6/6-6/12)

I’m not going to lie; this workout recap is pretty boring. I taught 7 Jazzercise classes and continued my run streak. Monday 6/6-Jazzercise & 1 mile run Tuesday 6/7-1 mile run & yoga videos After Bailey and I ran a mile,

BolderBoulder 10k Recap

The BolderBoulder is one of the biggest races in the country and one of the most organized and fun races I’ve ever done. Race day started super early for my friend Samantha and me. She decided a few days before

Weekly Workout Recap 5/30-6/5

This might be the best workout recap so far. My workouts this week were awesome! I did two races, taught five Jazzercise classes, and ran every day. Monday 5/30-BolderBoulder 10k On Monday I ran the BolderBoulder with two of my best

What I Learned as a Lunch Lady

Last Thursday marked my last day working as a nutrition service aide, which is a fancy term for lunch lady. I prefer nutrition service aide. I took the job working in a school cafeteria as a way to gain nutrition experience