Weekly Workout Recap 5/23-5/29

The alternate title for this post is “Sometimes I Do Really Stupid Stuff”. When you’re a fitness instructor, you have no one but yourself to blame for a tough workout that leaves you sore. This is even more true when

Weekly Workout Recap 5/16-5/22

My workouts this week were on point! It helps when you’re a fitness instructor because then you really can’t skip your workout, no matter how lazy you’re feeling. Monday 5/16-Group Power It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to make

Colorado Women’s Classic 10 Mile Recap

On May 8, my mom and I ran the Colorado Women’s Classic 10 Mile. Remember how I debated about signing up for a half marathon but then decided on this race for my big spring race? And I swore I

Weekly Workout Recap 5/8-5/15

Two posts in two days…I know unbelievable! But I want to stay on top of recapping my workouts so I don’t forget. Sunday 5/8-Colorado Women’s Classic 10 Mile race I had an awesome race! I was a little worried because

Getting Caught Up (Workouts 4/18-5/7)

What two posts within a couple days?! Shocking, I know. To be perfectly honest, I thought about shutting this blog down. A few things stopped me. 1. I wouldn’t get very much of a refund. 2. I like having a