Weekly Workout Recap 3/21-3/27

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter (if you celebrate Easter) yesterday! I’m looking forward to Spring Break next week-just have to make it through this week first. You know how some weeks you’re on top of everything, hit all

Jazzercise Set 1

Happy Friday! My days are all thrown off because we had an unexpected snow day on Wednesday. I’m not complaining though because it was a nice surprise. Anyway, I thought I’d talk today about last Friday when I taught my first Jazzercise

Spring Equinox 4 Mile Recap

On Sunday, my mom and I ran the inaugural Spring Equinox 4 Mile race at The Biergarten at Anheuser-Busch. It was an exciting race for me because I got my first PR in over a year! We attended advanced packet pick-up

Weekly Workout Recap

Since I’m not recapping my workouts on Friday anymore and can’t call them Fitness Friday, I need a new title for these posts. Unfortunately being cute and creative isn’t my forte. Any suggestions? Monday 3/14-HIIT Class Monday was another intense HIIT

Teaching my First Class & Time to Train

I hope you enjoyed my post on becoming a Jazzercise instructor. It had over 1000 views! That’s about 500 times more views than my normal posts with two readers (hi Mom & Dad). If any of you are still reading

Becoming a Jazzercise Instructor

I’m a NASM-certified personal trainer, an ACE-certified Group Instructor, and now a certified Jazzercise instructor (for the second time). Every fitness program certifies its instructors differently, so I thought I would explain the process for Jazzercise if anyone is interested

Fitness Friday (that’s not a Friday)

Hi all! Well obviously today isn’t Friday but since I missed Fitness Friday, I thought I’d recap my workouts today. I think this might be a regular thing because (1) I have more time to write over the weekend and

Fitness Friday #6

Sorry for the silence on the blog this week! This virus or whatever I’ve been fighting all month really kicked my butt this week. You’ll probably be able to tell by my workouts, or lack thereof. Friday-Jazzercise  No work meant another