A Week of Workouts: Interrupted Workouts and an Escape to the Gym

Happy Monday all! Is anyone off work today for President’s Day? Truthfully, all last week I kept getting wished a happy three-day weekend and had no idea why! I obviously don’t get the day off as a mom and online student and Ryan doesn’t get it off so it’s not a big deal around here.

Anyway, looking at workouts last week, I’d say I did pretty well. It’s still a challenge finding a time to dedicate to workouts but I’m committed to making something happen most days.

My love for the pregnancy/postpartum workout subscription from Good from the Swole, which can be found here, is still going strong. The workouts that I talk about are all from this subscription.

My WeekinWorkouts

Monday 2/12-Rest

Mondays are Ryan’s long day at work (although this week will hopefully be his last one) so I took Monday off instead of trying to entertain Chase while doing a workout.

Tuesday 2/13-Full Body HIIT

This workout included both upper and lower body and got my heart rate up by incorporating major muscles into almost every move. My face got a workout too from making funny faces and silly noises at Chase, who watched from his lounger. He needed some attention between my first and second circuit but otherwise was a happy guy. In case you’re wondering, Ryan was home but was busy being Mr. Handyman. I could have waited until he was done but decided a distracted workout was better than nervously watching him cut holes for wires into our new entertainment center. It turned out fine, by the way; he’s actually really good at that sort  of thing.

Wednesday 2/14-Upper Body

Tuesday’s workout left my legs fairly sore so an upper arm workout it was. I tried to get up early and be done before Chase woke up for the day but he woke up after one set. I finished the other two sets about an hour later when he went down again. Not ideal but I got it done.

Thursday 2/15-Short Walk

When Chase, Bailey, and Benji all woke up early with me, my plan for an early morning workout went out the door. Chase and I made it out for a walk but the wind was so strong and miserable, I called it quits before half a mile.


What do you do when you know you’ll feel better if you workout but it’s absolutely the last thing you want to do? Make someone else motivate you, of course! And the instructor Kyra did just that with a fun and challenging Dance Mixx class. I left red-faced, sweaty, and feeling much better. Plus, I did 90% of the class high-impact! Postpartum fitness is no joke but I’m getting stronger and gaining stamina with every workout.

Saturday-Upper Body & Core

Workouts are so much more fun with a friend! I met my friend Courtney at the gym for some exercise and a chance to catch up. After about 30 minutes on the elliptical, she asked for an arm workout. Since I already completed the upper body workout for this weekend, I peeked ahead and we completed the upper body and core workout from next week’s workouts (the emails come on Friday which is handy for planning the week).

Sunday-Pelvic Floor/Glutes & Walk


With 70 degree weather in February, it would be insane not to get outside. Chase and I tried a baby carrier instead of the stroller and I think he was a fan. He loves looking around at everything so I think he liked being able to see out. Then I finished the day with some not-too-intense lower body work. It was the perfect cap to a solid week of workouts.

My workout philosophy right now is get it done however possible. That might mean starting a workout and finishing it two hours later or Chase might take the place of my dumbbells. On Friday it meant pumping a bottle, changing into workout clothes, and being out the door in 15 minutes. As long as I get something in, I’m happy.

With that, I’m off to start continue my day of momming and studying. I hope you have a great start to your week!



Catching Up on the Week: No Naps, Blonde Espresso, and Blurry Pics

Hi all! Sorry for the quietness this week. School is taking a lot of time, one class is especially demanding, and I don’t like to be on the computer when Chase is awake, meaning nap time is homework time and blogging just doesn’t happen. But I thought I’d take a break today and fill you in on the last couple days.



Most of my day is spent with Chase on his playmats, reading (he loves books right now), and rocking to sleep, while trying to fit in homework while he’s snoozing on my chest. He’s recently entered a “I hate naps” phase and getting him to sleep is a challenge, forget about sleeping without being held.

With that, on Tuesday I desperately needed good caffeine so we took a drive to Starbucks. Have you tried their new blonde espresso yet? I really like it! It’s sweet enough to drink as an unflavored latte. I was proud of myself too because driving with Chase makes me really nervous. I might have to take him with me to an advisor meeting on campus 40 minutes away so practice is good.

Because I live such an exciting adult life, one of the highlights of the week was a new furniture delivery. Ryan and I used part of our tax return to replace our living room entertainment center, coffee table, and end tables. The ones we had were glass and not very baby-friendly. Now we just need a rug and our living room will be ready for a mobile Chase.


Valentine’s Day was a regular day around here, except Ryan had to work a 10-hour day thanks to Valentine deliveries; I told him to steal me some Shari’s Berries but no luck. Neither of us are big into celebrating Valentine’s Day or mushiness in general. We just use the holiday as an excuse to eat peanut butter hearts. Full disclosure: Chase’s outfit isn’t even a Valentine’s Day outfit; it’s the onesie Target sent us for creating a baby registry.


Chase and I spent some time hanging out in the car on Wednesday. With no food in the house, we headed out to pick up Chick-fil-A for lunch (and Starbucks, of course, because I can’t be near one and not go). When I pulled into the garage, I realized Chase was peacefully snoozing in his carseat. Like I mentioned, nap time is becoming a battle around here and he almost never sleeps without me holding him. No way was I waking him up! So I climbed into the backseat with him and enjoyed my latte and chicken wrap in the car.

With an extra fussy baby, furniture delivery, and everything else that just seems to come up in the afternoon, it’s been awhile since I’ve had an uninterrupted workout. The past couple days I’ve been either staying up after Chase’s feeding around 5 am or setting an alarm to get up earlier so I can do a workout done in peace. But it’s not quite working like I hoped. Chase seems to have a sensor for when I’m up and no matter what time it is, then he’s up too. Yesterday, his feeding was too early to stay awake so I set an alarm to wake up in an hour. Despite the fact that Ryan’s alarm goes off three times every morning (he’s a snoozer) and doesn’t bother anyone, Chase and the dogs all woke up with mine. Needless to say, a morning workout did not happen.


The rest of yesterday found me attending half a Career Services webinar (can you guess why only half?), making a trip to the library (because reading a book for school as a 300-page PDF didn’t sound enjoyable), and meeting online for a group project. Oh yeah, and  convincing a little boy that he does need to sleep.

I think that’s about it! I’ll try to check in at least a couple of times next week but we’ll see what happens. And sorry for all the slightly blurry pictures! Usually that means my phone is nearing the end of its life, which is a real bummer because I don’t want a new phone. I suppose blurry pictures are a bigger bummer though!

What did you do for Valentine’s Day? 

What phone do you have? What do you like about it?


Weekly Workout Recap 2/5-2/11

Good morning all!

I’ve started staying awake after feeding Chase in the morning (usually somewhere between 5 and 5:45) to have a few minutes to myself and it’s been fantastic. Mama needs some time to herself too!

Anyway, just wanted to quickly pop in and share my workouts last week. School is taking  up a good chunk of my time so the blog isn’t getting as much love as it was. Priorities right? But I did manage a good week of workouts last week. I’ve been better at handing Chase to Ryan when he gets home and making sure I get my workout in.

I’m still loving my postpartum subscription from Good for the Swole. The workouts are short, maybe around 20 minutes, which helps a lot to make sure I get a workout in. All the workouts I mention below are from this subscription; I’m just going to link it once here.

My WeekinWorkouts

Monday 2/5- Leg Circuit 

Tuesday 2/6- Full Body Circuit

Wednesday 2/7-Off

Thursday 2/8-Jazzercise

Almost all high impact!

Friday 2/9-Core Workout

This workout didn’t come from the subscription but from Good for the Swole’s Instagram. You can find it here.

Saturday 2/10-Off

Not feeling well meant an unplanned rest day.

Sunday 2/11- Leg Circuit and Core Work

Since I missed Saturday, I did a full workout as written and then took a few exercises from the workout I missed and made my own.

I can hear Chase waking up which is why this is super short. His morning smiles are my favorite, so I’m off. Have a great Monday!